A design to ensure different audiences find what they want quickly and easily

Xchangeteam website


Xchangeteam are multi-discipline recruitment agency. The challenge was to design a website that allows the many different audiences to quickly get to the information they needed.


We came up with a one-click accordion solution to hide and show the many routes into the content so that visitors were not faced with a barrage of menu options and we focused on delivering the appropriate content to the appropriate audiences.

This phase of the web build was as much about moving to a new website platform - Xchangeteam opted for an out of the box recruitment engine but chose to commission Lime for the design.


Traffic increased, more CV's were submitted and the website was well-received overall.

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“ Lime showed me and the company what a great website could and should look like. They delivered a consistently high level of service over the project lifecycle to the point where the final design and implementation surpassed most people's expectations. Given their passion, enthusiasm and capability it was a simple decision to re contract with Lime when we decided to redo the site two years on.”

Mike Berry
Managing Director, Xchangeteam