A slick new interface for Tribal's Sharepoint intranet

New user interface for Tribal's intranet


Tribal Group came to us in order to refresh the look and feel of their corporate intranet, which was built in SharePoint. As anyone who has attempted to design bespoke interfaces for Sharepoint knows, it can be very challenging due to the endless permutations that arise from being able to use modular building blocks.


We worked very closely with Tribal's team of in-house SharePoint developers; we provided designs and advice about how to restructure the intranet and make it both more visually appealing and easy to use to encourage more engagement.

A key part of the strategy was the collaborative workspaces; an advanced Knowledge Management section to enable staff to share project information both internally and externally. We created a strong graphic identity for the section and worked very closely with the Senior Knowledge Manager and the SharePoint development team to create a highly interactive, and successful platform.


The new look and feel for the Intranet was universally praised and has resulted in an increase of usage by staff across the business.

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“ Tribal have launched Connect, a SharePoint implementation comprising of an intranet, document library to comprise Tribal's corporate memory, plus secure online workspaces for staff to share documents and ideas between themselves and clients.

Lime worked closely with our project team and were flexible and responsive to our feedback, whilst still retaining the role of expert advisor.

The design has been highly praised by the business and is a key factor in the success of Connect. The colours are distinctive, with a good balance of text, colour and white space.

I am already recommending Lime to other Knowledge professionals”

Sarah Dillingham
Chief Knowledge Manager