A one stop shop and A-Z of complementary therapies in a searchable online resource

The Therapy Book website


John Board, a hypnotherapist, has been compiling a comprehensive list of complementary therapies over the course of several years. He approached Lime with the idea of turning it into a book but after several discussions realised that it would be much better as a website. The challenge was to create an great reference tool for complementary therapies.


We took the simple approach - we designed a simple homepage around an advanced search feature that allows users to type in the condition or therapy they are looking for and the results auto-complete as they type.

In addition we implemented a subscription and free trial ecommerce solution, a practitioner's directory, news, articles, glossary and FAQ's.

The site was built using Kentico CMS which provides the foundation for the core content management.


The site is beginning to attract more and more therapists and the search engine rankings are rising as are subscriptions to the site.

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“ I knew Lime was right for the job the first time I met them. We had a meeting and their enthusiasm for the project was way ahead of the other agencies I spoke with. I wasn't disappointed! The site is fantastic and really easy to use as well as beautifully designed.”

John Board
Owner and author of The Therapy Book