Making copyright licensing easier in the digital age

The Copyright Hub website


Professor Ian Hargreaves reviewed Copyright in the digital ages and published the findings in a report. His vision and recommendations were to create a unified portal connecting AV, music, images and publishing organisations to allow transparency of copyright for creators, publishers and users alike.

The resulting website, or 'hub', would be a place to help people find out about copyright in general and also use the hub as a portal to find rights owners in order to use copyrighted material legally. Lime pitched and won the project based on our experience of working with copyright-related organisations and our digital design expertise.

Bringing together over 20 organisations ranging from Getty Images to the BBC was in itself a huge challenge. Throw in a 12 week unmoveable deadline and volumes of highly complex copyright material to make sense of, and the scale of the challenge becomes apparent.


For the first 3 weeks, we systematically spoke with representatives from 16 participating organisations to define their objectives and how they felt their organisation(s) should represented on the Hub. We also gathered as much material about copyright law and usage as we could find and then began the process of mapping out the information architecture and defining the user experience for the site.

Protoypes and wireframes were modelled and presented to the Copyright Hub Steering Group. The solution, which had to be achievable in 12 weeks, was to create an initial pilot site providing signposting to various rights organisations.


The site was widely deemed a success by the organisations involved but also recognised that it was just the start of a bigger initiative. Dominic Young has now taken over the helm as the CEO of the Copyright Hub and we continue the good work into 2015.

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“ I am really glad that I got the chance to work with Lime. Thank you for all your help and support this year. You delivered on time, to budget and somehow managed to get general consensus... Thank you.”

Dr Ros Lynch
Copyright Hub CEO