Standing out from the crowd with a unique interactive design experience

Sixth Sense company website


Sixth Sense, a full-service events and communications agency came to us with a simple yet challenging brief:

"We want to be different, we want to stand out and anything goes. Our colours are blue and white and here is our logo."


We beat four other agencies on the strength of our creative ideas. The starting point was to find out what's special about Sixth Sense. It was apparent that Sixth Sense was just that. That extra dimension. A Sixth Sense event would involve, sight, sound, touch, smell and taste but the elusive ingredient that makes it special is the ambience and overall feeling and buzz created - the Sixth Sense.

So,we set out to design a site that involved exploration and discovery - more of an experience than a corporate online brochure. We created a mini game, an image gallery, an interactive ipod, a video player and a flip book all based around the concept of bringing things to life from the drawing board to reality. From concept to conception. We also built in the ability for Sixth Sense to amend the content before content management tools became the norm.

In addition to the site, we build a client lounge where customers could share, upload and download designs, and relevant project materials.


The result is a fluid, interesting and unique website experience that looks as good today as did 5 years years ago.

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“ The website is getting lots of very positive feed back since we went live. Everyone says it's very unique and makes us stand out so a big thank you Phil to you and your team”

Maxie Knowles
Project Manager, Sixth Sense