Empowering severe back pain sufferers to talk confidently with their GP

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MSA digital approached us and asked us to create a website for their client Napp, focused on educating the general public about Severe Back Pain (SBP). Napp felt that people suffering from SBP often weren’t adequately educated on the causes, diagnosis and treatments available. They also wanted to provide support and resources to encourage people to discuss this with their doctor and take control of their pain.


We took inspiration from a number of superbrands that are currently using illustration and animation to engage with the general public online and in the media. We wanted to create a website that wasn’t threatening to enage users to interact with the information and take action. We created a virtual world of case studies and education via a virtual clinical setting. Users are encouraged to learn about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of SBP with a view to speaking to their doctor. We also wanted to create some peer-to-peer interaction so we created a section that allows users to submit Top Tips for managing their SBP so that they can be posted on the site for other users to try and rank.


Feedback has shown an increase in patient awareness.

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“ The website looks fantastic! It works really well and is really engaging and interactive”

Dave Chandler
Brand Manager, Napp