You're all out of puff! Handy app for asthma suffers that keeps a track of their inhaler levels

Inhaler gauge iPhone and Android app for asthma suffers


How do you achieve a deeper brand engagement with your customers? We were approached by MSA Digital and Teva to come up with new ways to increase customer loyalty.


Several brainstorms later, we all hit on the idea of creating a truly useful app, one that connects the asthma sufferer with their inhaler, and helps to combat the common problem of their inhaler running out unexpectedly.

We developed an iPhone App that allows the user to input the number of doses in their inhaler along with the number of doses they take per day (this application only works when a set number of doses are prescribed each day at regular internals) each time they start a new inhaler. 

Each time they launch the App they are faced with a beautifully 3D rendered image of an inhaler informing them on a visual scale and in numbers, of the remaining days left in their inhaler.  At 5, 3 and 0 days the App sends a notification to warn users that their inhaler is running out or needs to be replaced.

It is a simple but highly effective App.

To support the App we designed a support website which has been tagged on to Teva’s existing asthma website for the general public. 


The feedback for the app has been excellent - almost all ratings showed 5 out of 5 stars. 

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“his app now means I never need to remember when to get a new inhaler, which I always forget, fantastic!! Looks great too.”

App store review (5 out of 5 stars)