Report now! Build live, up-to-date reports whenever you need to

Powerful online reporting tool for market research professionals


Being able to access and analyse the live results of a market research project is vital for any researcher. Huge volumes of data and complex tools to access that data means that tailored reports could only be created by data specialists, and not the marketing specialist. The challenge then was to create an easy to use web interface that was blindingly fast even though it was connecting with many different offline systems. 


In close collaboration with the data analysis team, we designed and built a fluid drag and drop reporting interface that allows you to easily build your own reports containing all the latest available data. Reports can be shown as tables or graphs and can be exported directly into Excel, Word and Powerpoint at the click of a button.

Behind the scenes, the solution has a multi-tier architecture and connects not only with Research Now's customer market research data but also with the offline report engine, returning the results in the blink of an eye.


The online reporting tool is helping to keep Research Now ahead of their competition, by offering a powerful solution that gives full reporting control directly to their customers.

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“ur competition was showing signs of developing online tools for customers to create their own bespoke reporting tools. As Data Processing manager, I understood the complexity of trying to create such a tool for our customers and wasn't sure how feasible it would be. I approached Lime with a simple proof of concept in Excel to see whether they thought turning it into a viable online product was possible.

Even though Lime had no direct knowledge of the precise systems we use, they jumped all over it and within a matter of weeks had put together a proof of concept. The green light was given to develop it into a fully blown online reporting tool and after several months of overcoming various technical and design obstacles, we arrived at fully working solution that was trialed with several of our key customers. The feedback was amazing! Up until then, our customers relied on the DP department to run bespoke reports which is time consuming and costly. The new online reporting tool has changed that and now our customers can build their own reports whenever they like, in real time using the very latest up-to-date data.

Not only from a design and user interface perspective have Lime surpassed my expectations, but technically they have managed to achieve a hugely successful soltuion despite the complexities involved.

To see the drag and drop interface in action has made the dream a reality! I didn't think we'd manage to turn such a complex requirement into something so easy to use. Thanks guys, it's brilliant!”

James Eldridge
Data Processing Manager