A new website to showcase our work

Lime website


For a design agency, possibly the hardest job is designing your own website! We're constantly getting new ideas, technology is constantly changing and so trying to nail down a solution for yourself is extremely hard!


Simplicity is the key. We're proud to be 10 years old with a great team, an interesting and varied portfolio and clients we've been fortunate to work with. So we decided to focus the design around showcasing our work, and build the site using Kentico CMS, after all it's the CMS we reccommend to our clients.

We also decided to change our name from Lime Media to Lime Digital. Why? When we started out, internet and cdrom work was known as 'New Media' - it's far from new now! We work in the 'Digital' sector so after 10 years it seemed appropriate to shed our old name.


We are genuinely pleased with the site thanks to being lucky enough to work some fabulous clients who have given us the opportunity and freedom to do what we do best - giving us a portfolio to be proud of.

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“'m delighted with the site - it's given us the foundation to build on now. I can't wait to dig even deeper with Kentico and start using some of the more advanced features such as the Marketing tools and e-commerce suite.”

Phil Clayton
Design Director and Owner