Building an award-winning intranet platform for one of Europe's biggest pharma companies

InsideTeva intranet


Teva UK have a large volume of materials – documents, brochures, corporate collateral – which needed to be accessed by staff who would only rarely need to look for any given item. In our opinion intranets should be very intuitive, requiring no training on the part of end users, hence it was vital for the process of locating documents as intuitive and convenient as possible.

Giving each department its own flavour whilst keeping a consistent feel throughout the intranet was a key design challenge. At the same time we wanted to give an appropriate level of personalisation without distracting from, or hiding, important resources and information. 


Intranets on the scale of Teva UK’s involve large numbers of users from many departments and business units, each with their own specific interests and needs focussed on distinct sets of resources and information. Our original vision was to empower users to rearrange, hide or prioritise elements of the system, a vision we implemented through our own custom add-on draggable and droppable portlet architecture. Thankfully when it came to enhancing this personalisation, Kentico had by then included their own excellent version of portlets.

In order to keep the cost of extending the intranet down, we developed a set of core elements, document libraries, filters, and enhanced galleries and visual components that could form the basis of each subsequent section, whilst allowing for visual and thematic customisation. This allowed us to give each new department its own characteristic flavour, whilst minimising the amount of development time, cost, testing and project management required.

As the intranet has grown, we have added increasingly sophisticated news modules, video and media experiences – something that has been helped by Kentico’s built in media library.


Over the course of a close and creative working relationship with the client, we have produced, together, a compelling and visually engaging intranet that is very easy to use and popular with staff and management alike. We are very proud of what has been achieved, and continue to be excited about the future of this project, and what future development in Kentico could allow us to do with the client. 

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“ Against a backdrop of financial pressures, conflicting priorities and stretched resources, Teva UK Limited have worked closely with Lime Media to improve its intranet to better support a growing business. Serving a diverse workforce of over 600 employees, “insideTeva” has evolved to become an integral part of the company’s communication function, recognised amongst its intra-company peers as the ‘gold standard’ in Europe. Overcoming several obstacles to bring in these changes, the improvements position the intranet as a key part of an integrated communications strategy - bringing projects to life, supporting commercial objectives and bringing a sense of community and belonging to operational and field based staff alike”

Libby Hobbs
Comms Manager