Showing customers how much they can save using a real-time calculator

Fleet savings calculator


GE Capital provide a complete company car fleet management service. Convincing customers to switch to a managed service involved complex spreadsheets number crunching. So how could they quickly convince customers whose fleet managers were spread over Europe, that a managed solution would be a wise investment, without drudging through reams of financial calculations?


Together with Anderson Hearn Keene (marketing agency), we developed a savings tool allowing potential customers to simply enter the number of cars in their fleet(s), in which country and the salaries of the managers. The tool makes an instant calculation of the potential savings with a complete breakdown by country of where the savings are made. Behind the scenes, the tool interacts with detailed spreadsheets and the customer is automatically emailed a full breakdown, in PowerPoint ready to present to their managers.


The sales team can now, within a minute or 2, calculate and adjust in real time the potential savings a customer might make through a simple and engaging 'wizard'. The tool has only just begun to be used so the conversion rate is not yet known... watch this space.

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