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Based on the success of Canon UK's Imagine programme, created by Lime in partnership with marketing agency AHK and, Canon Europe wanted to create a pan-European monthly campaign site that would engage owners of consumer cameras and imaging equipment.

As Canon already had their own well established CMS system, the question was how content could be created and released on a monthly basis with a look and feel, as well as added interactive functionality, that their CMS was not capable of delivering, but without adopting a new system.

The project was extremely challenging because of the vast number of systems that it needed to integrate into: Canon's CMS, Canon's European user database, a data analytics provider, the monthly editorial cycle, not to mention the need to translate the content into 11 languages.


The answer was to create a content processing engine that would allow content administrators to edit site on Canon's preferred CMS, take the content, repackage it, add extra custom functionality, and publish it as a multi-lingual web site.

The sytem included three major components:

The front-end website, including photo gallery for displaying user contributed images, competitions, interactive tutorials, and lots of instructive creative content (provided by our partners AHK)

An administration system for selecting images for the gallery, downloading competition entries, and publishing new site editions

A content scraping engine for capturing and repackaging web content using a sophisticated templating system.


Over its lifetime, the You Connect platform enabled Canon to grow a large pan-European community of several hundred thousand regular users. The bespoke gallery attracted strong competition amongst entrants, with semi-professional photographers vying to appear in the gallery and, hopefully, be profiled along with their photo as the monthly winner.

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“e have been working with Lime Media for over 7 years and have always found them to be excellent partners.

They combine in-depth knowledge and experience with great imagination and creativity for the design and build of new sites and applications. Their ability to deliver to agreed budgets and timescales are invaluable to us, particularly when we have been working within very tight business and technical constraints, set by our clients.

The level of pre-live testing gives us enormous confidence, vital for the size and importance of many of the projects we work on together.

Lime are also responsible for the maintenance and continued development of some mission-critical sites for our clients. Their commitment means that they regularly deliver well above the agreed service levels for the good of the programme.

Their professionalism has always been of the highest level which has meant we are happy for them to work directly with our clients. This has been particularly useful where we have been working with several other suppliers in complex projects with a lot of parameters to take into account. Several times our clients have commented that our (AHK and Lime) procedures are of a higher standard than the other suppliers involved.

I would be happy to recommend Lime to any company.”

David Hearn
Managing Director