Helping to increase donor recruitment through supporting and developing online campaigns

Supporting and developing the Anthony Nolan website


Anthony Nolan, the UK's leading blood cancer charity approached us to take over the ongoing support and development of their website which was built using Kentico CMS. The challenge was to complete the first phase of the website that was left unfinished when Anthony Nolan parted company with their previous agency.


We diligently became familar with the site and over time, rebuilt key parts of it that had not been implemented properly, as well as providing second and third line support and ongoing develpment for new campaigns.

In addition, we assisted the IT and communications team in defining the specifications for phase 2 of the site; a highly complex process inolving reconciliation of many legacy systems both on and offline.


The Kentico site has proved to be a solid platform for over 4 years and has stood the test of time. The site continues to be well supported and we have implemented several online donor recruitment campaigns to compliment the frquent media campaigns. Being involved in such a good cause and knowing we may have played a small part in saving lives is very heart-warming.

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“ Thanks so much for the recent support on the website, you've really helped us out as IT were stumped - you've saved the day!”

Laura Cook
Digital Marketing Manager