A new online identity for The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS)

IA and design for the ALCS website


ALCS had a website that was very plain and clinical. It didn't reflect the values of the organisation or appeal to their members, many of whom are creative writers. The brief was to create some new designs for the website that were simple enough that ALCS content editors could keep the content up to date without specialist skills but at the same time make the site rich and visually appealling.


We approached the design from 2 angles; firstly to create a clear structured layout and solid information architecture to ensure content was amenable and logically grouped and presented, and then from a creative and communications point of view where a careful balance was needed between self promotion and factual reporting.

We worked closely with the ALCS comms team and together we completly restructured the site from the ground up. Careful consideration was given to making sure the design was simply laid out. This allowed the content to easily be managed by ALCS through the Kentico CMS backend. The rich feel of the site was achieved through the design details that framed the simple page layouts such as the page background, edges and banners.


User group testing before and after the new site build revealed that content was much easier to find and that the design was a huge improvement.

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“ Lime helped us to restructure the site from the ground by employing user journey modelling techniques. The resulting site structure is so much more logical and the navigation is really intuitive. Lime recommended Kentico CMS and we've found it really easy to keep the site updated - this was a real problem before. We all love the design - it works really well and makes us look much fresher and creative”

Alison Baxter
Marketing Manager, ALCS