Membership apps for Authors for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices

ALCS mobile app for Authors


ALCS regularly communicate with their members, the public, parliament and the rights industry in general, so they utilise marketing platforms for publishing information across a wide-range of channels. ALCS commissioned Lime to create a mobile app for Authors that contains all the information about ALCS, including member benefits, activities, lobbying and campaigns etc to enable their members to have the information at their fingertips and in their pocket at all times.

The challenge was to deliver a mobile app to members that can be updated by ALCS staff, without the need for intervention by the agency, or require the user to update the app. The app should also appeal to a new generation of more digital-savvy members.


We designed and built a native mobile app for iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile devices that pull in the content from the Kentico CMS (that powers the ALCS website). The content took the form of webpages in a hidden area in the main ALCS website, accessible only to ALCS site administrators. This allowed the administrators to simply edit the pages just as they would any other page on the site and then at the click of a button, ‘export’ the pages to create a content update for the apps.

Behind the scenes, we wrote an engine to output the pages as html, CSS, javascript and xml files in a zipped up bundle. This bundle is sent to a ‘content bridge’ (bespoke system built by Lime) allowing administrators to publish the content to a test version of the app in order to preview the changes directly in the app environment on their mobile device. Once approved, the administrator could then simply click a publish button and the bundle is distributed directly to the end user’s mobile app, which automatically checks for new content every time it’s opened.


ALCS have been able to provide their members with up to date information, quickly and easily and have made significant financial savings by not requiring specialist help.

When surveyed, members perceptions of ALCS was of a forward-thinking organisation that embraces new technologies and invests in finding the best way to keep their members informed. This added to the overall perception that ALCS is an organisation that always strives to provide the best possible service for their members.

The demographic of members that have installed the app, has resulted in takeup by a younger more tech-savvy audience.

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“ Lime has delivered the mobile app for authors which provides a comprehensive membership handbook for all of our members, in a format that is instantly accessible on their mobile devices. We’ve been using Kentico for 5 years now for both our main website and our intranet so all of our content editors are completely familiar with the system.

The fact that we can keep the mobile membership handbook up-to-date ourselves, using Kentico in the way we are used to, is fantastic. Lime has designed a great platform for us. ”

Alison Baxter
Head of Communications