About Lime

Who are we?

We’re a highly creative digital design and software agency. We don’t just design and build websites, we build bespoke software too. It’s not often you get both under one roof. We work in partnership with some great companies and organisations, from Canon Europe to Teva pharmaceuticals, The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) and Research Now. Our sites and software help companies and organisations to communicate effectively to their audience, be it customers, members, investors or their own staff.

Our background.

We formed in 2002 but we've been immersed in the digital world since way back in 1994 when it was known as 'New Media'. Back then, most people knew the web as something spiders hang out on. Ever since, we've been at the forefront of the digital revolution, we watched the dot com bubble blow up and burst, and came out the other side.

We know our stuff.

Along the way we’ve created pioneering cdroms that get their content from websites way back when dial-up internet access was the new thing. We were designing Intranets long before most companies even had internal networks. Video walls, Flash games, intranets, extranets and websites, CDROMs, business software, database solutions and Content Management Systems. You name it, we’ve done it.

Keep up, stay ahead.

The relentless changes in technology constantly throw up exciting challenges for businesses the world over and now, at a time of recession, harnessing technology to gain competitive advantage is more relevant and important than ever. Social Media, blogging, web applications, search and integrated mobile technology – it’s all changing the way we communicate and ‘live’ on the web. We’re keeping up to help you stay ahead.

How we work.

Technology is complicated. But for people to engage with it, we like to keep things simple; the whole process, the software, all of it. Minimal paperwork, maximum efficiency and total understanding. That’s what we all want.

A great solution starts with thorough understanding, so we want to know everything about you, your vision, your ideas and all about your customers too. Armed with this knowledge our design and software experts get to work to realise your ambitions and achieve outstanding results. That’s what we’re all about.

In a nutshell.

For us there’s nothing better than delivering excellent digital work that reaps great rewards for you.